All of Smitty’s Needles are made from Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel tubing.   It is thoroughly cleaned inside and out to guarantee it is burr and debris free.  There are four different standard wall thicknesses of the 304 Stainless Steel tubing available. Since our customers demand the best and the most durable for their hard earned money, we use the thicker wall thickness which has proven to be the best and strongest on the market.  Our competitors use the thinnest wall in order to save money thus making a weaker tool. Veteran fishermen will tell you, “There is nothing worse than having a tool break or bend at the start of a long trip”.

Our needles are hand-made. The tube is welded closed, ground to a slightly rounded tapered point and the entire needle is highly polished.  Each and every needle is then inspected to ensure that it is burr and defect free. They are designed to thread through the hollow spectra line with ease, whether you thread it through the end or go through the side-wall, the point will not snag or damage the spectra line.

With all the different line manufacturers and line materials, there are 100’s of different line sizes.  Most line size specs are displayed in OD (outer dimension).


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