Cabo Marlin

smitty belts

It’s a Monday morning and we are on the boat again with Renegade Mike in Cabo. Yesterday I caught my biggest fish ever. 160lb Marlin. Today we are going for more Marlin.

smitty beltsMike does not have a fancy boat, but he has good solid gear and he takes the time to teach you what you need to know to make landing the fish easier if you are willing to listen and apply. There is nothing easy about landing a 100+ lb fish that is desperately trying to get away from you, but the right technique prevents burnout in the first 10 minutes of the fight.

smitty beltsYou won’t get luxury with Mike, but then I came for the fishing not a fancy pedicure. I can get luxury at my hotel if I choose to spend the money for it. Mike will do what he can to put you on a big fish and isn’t that what you came for? We wanted to learn as much as we could and Mike understood that. I enjoyed his heckling me from behind…”Straighten that back, I’m going to go take a nap, wake me up when you get the little fish near the boat” That little fish felt like a whale but he was my “little” fish and I was going to be the one to bring him in. I just laughed and told him it was going to be a really short nap. Mike would give me verbal corrections to my technique and tease me about hiring a fishing coach when I got home. I tried to apply the correction and eventually was rewarded with the biggest fish I ever caught being pulled up next to boat. Pictures quickly taken and then it was released to live for another day and maybe another fight.

In all, so far as I am writing this we are trolling for more, 4 Marlins have been caught and released. Some bigger than others, three feisty and one that practically swam to the boat, one was a big show off with lots of aerobatics and one with ambitions to be a deep sea diver. 4 marlins that had to be tackled each in their own way.

My knowledge is meager but it looks like Marlin fishing is a lot like tuna. Chasing birds and waiting to see birds. It sounds like it could be boring but if you are not observant you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see something spectacular. We saw several whales breaching and slapping the water with their huge pectoral fins and pods of porpoises working a schools of small tuna. I found the water itself fascinating as it changed colors and textures. The scientist in me wants to know why. I have learned that blue water is good.

As we head Back to Cabo with 4 Marlin under our belts. It’s been a wonderful two days of fishing and we have learned a lot about the Sport, our products and about ourselves. Our adventures are not over yet for this trip. We have left over bait to feed Poncho, a sierra mac in the live well for ceviche tonight, notes to make for product improvement and a day to hang around Cabo, a place I never thought about visiting until Mike said “Hey Susan and John, come fish with me!” We have discovered a new place that holds many adventures in our future.